CCCYD exist to equip Youth, Orphans and Vulnerable children (OVCs) and People Living with HIV/AIDS in the community with self-support skills and knowledge of protecting themselves against the risk of HIV/AIDS, violence and Poverty.

The realization of the true outlook of the HIV/AIDS and povert made it clear to the founders that several people were dying of AIDS because of lack of information about the disease and available treatment options resulting to high number of Orphans in the society. This motivated them to start CCCYD with the intention of sensitizing the community about the scourge, and extending prevention and care services to those who need them most.

To date, CCCYD has grown into one of the major actors in the field of community-based HIV/AIDS prevention and care services. The organization’s services have increased to cover vocational skills trainings, human rights education and child protection, livelihoods improvement and community capacity building.

The overall objective of our organization is to gain full participation and equalization of opportunities for all orphans and vulnerable children and women affected and infected by HIV/AIDS have access to education and relieve from grieving their beloved ones who have died as a result of HIV/AIDS

The strategies of CCCYD are focused on resolving the most pressing needs of the community and include programs that enhance the capacity of marginalized groups to take charge of the issues that affect them.

The organization originated from the community in response to HIV/AIDS. In most rural and urban communities in the province there are numerous orphans, vulnerable children who have been rejected by their relatives and left without food, shelter, clothes, and money. Therefore, the goal of this organization is to provide and help Orphans and Vulnerable children with psychosocial counseling, educational support and skills empowerment which they may have been denied in the past


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Email: info@charitycentreforchildren.org  or cccydzambia@ymail.com